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Elite Division Qualifier


This year we’ll be doing the Elite division a little bit differently.  On November 1st, we’ll be releasing an online qualifier workout.  Athletes who want to compete in the Elite division must complete it and submit their score by November 15th.  No late registrations will be accepted into the Elite division after that date.  Past podium winners at FE automatically receive an invite into the Elite division.  All athletes must be registered to submit their results and any athlete who doesn’t qualify as Elite is automatically registered for the intermediate division.

Yesterday we wrapped up a site visit to the venue.  This year’s Friday event will include a rep max, a row, and an obstacle course!  Competitors will run, jump, climb, and swing their way to victory.  Cleats are not required but are recommended for both the Friday and Saturday event.

Last but not least, we have 5 early bird slots and after that we’ll be down to single digits for slots available. This year’s comp will be the biggest and best ever and the first to offer prize money for the Elite division.  Get in while you can!


Fitness Elevated 2014 is coming!

Women's Winners

Women’s Winners

Anybody remember these 3 from FE 2011?

Fitness Elevated 2014 is back!  Exactly 365 days after last year’s competition the best in the area will gather to put their fitness to the test.  Is it a coincidence that every single year we’ve sent a winner of the FE to the CrossFit Games?  You tell me.  All I know is that Utah’s premier individual competition is back and this year you’ll be tested like never before.  Early bird registration is available for the first 50 competitors.  We’ll be posting events periodically leading up to FE but here’s what we can promise you:  There’s no scaling for Elite and Intermediate and Masters won’t need to scale.  This year’s event will be exciting, well-run, and most importantly safe.  Get ready!


Fitness Elevated 2013 Wrap-Up


Another year is in the books!  This year’s Fitness Elevated had common theme running through it:  Carry!  Athletes carried logs, atlas stones, buckets of bricks, and sandbags along with snatching, cleaning, and a combine event designed to find the fittest in Utah.  In the end no weakness was left untouched and well rounded athletes persevered.  You can view all the scores at WODRocket on your mobile device using this link:  FE2013 wodRocket

Mandi Janowitz lead wire to wire in the final event capping off a dominant performance in which she finished out of the top only twice and outright won over half of the events.  Perhaps the most impressive was in the final “The Dos” where along with 16 year old phenom Jessie Bradley she was the only athlete to finish under the time cap.  Also impressive were fellow Hack’s Pack member Mary Lampas and 3rd place Dana Howell, both of whom never placed lower than 8th in an event.

For the Elite men Brennan Fjord backed up the hype winning his division by over 20 points.  The battle for 2nd and 3rd was fierce between CrossFit Miner’s town owner Michael Lynch and a familiar face on local podiums, Chase Heywood from CrossFit the Club.  Despite finishing 15th on the final event Lynch held on to edge out Heywood by just one point for 2nd place.  Also impressive was newcomer Matthew Aiken who lifted 245lbs on the snatch complex, won the Hack Attack, and finished 3rd on both finals.

The Open women was capped off by a gutsy performance by the mother of 4 month old baby, Ashely Doxstader of CrossFit 22.  Ashley crushed both the run and row event and also won the Hack Attack and snatch complex.  She wrapped up the competition by accepting her trophy with one arm while holding her newborn in the other.  Lindsay Jorgensen, a former Weber State soccer player and Wasatch CrossFit athlete, came in 2nd by consistently performing while placing top 3 in just one event, the last last final workout.  Jamie Hansen of Brickwall CrossFit edged out teammate Jessica Taverna by one point to secure the final podium spot.

The Open men’s field was wide open.  The top 3 athletes only two top 3 finishes in the individual events but in a competition that punished weakness the specialists were exposed and made to suffer for lacking engines, strength, or lifting ability and the well rounded athletes seized the day.  Brickwall CrossFit training partners Kody Frank and John Butler secured first and second on the podium while brother’s from another mother Drew Rykert and Christian Rodee represented CF Saratoga Springs with 3rd and 4th place finishes.

The Master field impressed as they lifted the same loads the Open athletes did, much of the time doing it faster.  Arther Erickson won again with a string of 1st place finishes.  Kelvin Minefee crushed Saturday finishing 1st or 2nd in every event other than the 5K run.  The Master’s women competition was tight and after 10 events only 7 points separated 1st from 3rd place.  Natalie Peterson won top honors battling it out with 2nd place finisher Annie Fowler, they accumulated 10 top two finishes between the two of them.  Kathy Stout of Wasatch CrossFit showed why she belonged in the finals winning 1st and 2nd place on the Uno and Dos.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, judges, and the athletes for another great year.  I’m sorry about the sound system, I should have checked it and that won’t happen again.  Last of all, here’s our vision for next year:  Fitness Elevated will be the largest competition in the SouthWest with over 420 athletes including a Games athlete team division and prize money for every category.  Fitness Elevated 2014 will take place over 3 days and will crown not just the fittest in Utah but the best in the Southwest.  See you next year!


Friday Scores

Friday Scores are updated for both Elite divisions.  If you have 100 people in your division this is how the combine would score:

1st place:  100 pts

2nd place 99 pts

99th place: 2 pts

100th place: 1 pt

In order in the morning we’ll have the scores updated in the following order with the combine results:  Master’s Women, Master’s Men, Open Women, Open Men.

Here are your Saturday Heats:  Fitness Elevated 2013 Google Doc Heats


Friday Scores

Friday scores are going in now.  Your scores on the Pro Agility drill have to be converted from hundredths of a second to 1/60’s.  The spreadsheet we used is a tab on the heats spreadsheets.  Let us know if you have any questions but do me a favor and think it through for a moment before you do.   Fitness Elevated 2013 Google Doc Heats

All Scores can be found on the scoreboard link on the top right hand side of this blog.

Saturday Heat Times:  Your run times are set.  We will adjust the heats for “Hack Attack” and the Snatch/Row/Jump WODs to give some people increased rest time and keep it as level as possible across the board.

Fitness Elevated 2013 Google Doc Heats


Competitor Schedules


Fitness Elevated 2011 – Some things have changed, some have stayed the same

Guys and Girls,

Remember that Friday all you have to do is show up between Noon and 8pm (last heat starts at 7pm unless you text me) but on Saturday every heat prior to the finals is laid out and ready to go.  I’ll post a hard copy ASAP but for now the link is below.  HOLY SMOKES BBQ will be serving meals from 11:00am until they’re gone.  He’s bringing 250 meals so is you want one you may want to plan on getting in early.  Meals will have 1 or 2 meats, salad, sweet potato mash, and an avocado for a very fair price.

Fitness Elevated 2013 Google Doc Heats

Fitness Elevated 2013 – Floor Plan Rev 3



Volunteer Schedule & Change Requests


Thank you so damn much for volunteering!  This event could not happen without you.  Many of you have emailed or texted me changes in the last few days.  Unfortunately I can’t keep up with them coming in via text, email, Facebook, and carrier pigeon so if you see something up here that doesn’t work for you please use the form below to submit the change.  We could use a few more volunteers for the 5K run on Saturday morning, please let us know if you’re available or know someone who is.  Last but not least, we should be good to go for t-shirts for volunteers but people volunteering 8 hours will get priority.



Fitness Elevated Welcomes wodRocket

The scoring link is live!  Make sure you’re in the right division:  http://www.wodrocket.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10&Itemid=150&event=248

Scoring this year will be done using wodRocket.  What does this mean for you?  You don’t have to register for online scoring, it will all be done for.  The link is below, just check to make sure you’re in the right division and you are good to go.  If registered and don’t see your name or want to change divisions email PaulWhitteker@Comcast.net.

To see where you stand Go to wodRocket.com, select our event, then look for your name.  The competitors are being loaded in tonight and/or early tomorrow morning, hold off on emailing us if you don’t see your name until noon on Tuesday.http://www.wodrocket.com/Remember, Friday’s event will be at Ute CrossFit – Holliday and Saturday will be at the Salt Lake Equestrian Center.  On Friday there are no assigned heat times, you can come in any time from Noon until 8pm and complete the Friday events.  We’ll be posting heat schedules for Saturday and you’ll know exactly when you’re competing.


FE Loads and 10 Slots Left


FE Loads

Here are the loads.  On the box jumps:  Up & over gives you 2 options.  You can clear the box in one bound or you can jump on top then down to the other side.

Late Registration:  We have 10 slots left at $125/slot.  Click this link and select “Late Registration.”

Last of all.  We’ll be uploading all competitors into WODRocket today for our online scoring and publishing the link to all competitors.  If you feel that you’re in the wrong division at that point email Paul Whitteker your name, current division, and desired division:  PaulWhitteker@Comcast.net



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